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onethousandtwohundredeightysix: my name is sheeeeeeila~

this song is stuck in my head and katrina kaif is giving me self-esteem issues. >( i should really stop watching the video over and over again.

so.. it's been more than a month since i posted. i'm really getting from bad to worse. i think my laziness has seriously reached new heights, because jaime tried to wake me up this morning to keep to our gym schedule but i just rolled over and moaned like a dying animal. granted i had a really bad night's sleep and bad dreams, but it was still eight hours.. hahaha such excuses

lent term has basically sped by and to my chagrin i really can't name what i've achieved besides staying in one piece and surviving essays after another. of course there's maintaining qualified, along with attending london fashion week/flop (honestly.. hipsterrific to the max) and producing LDN by LSE etc etc well yea you get my drift.

also managed to squeeze out some time during reading week to visit my fourth aunt and her tots in yorkshire. at the risk of sounding like an spg, there really are so many (aesthetic) perks to having mixed children. lo and behold


jasmine, who at the tender age of twelve is five foot seven. fml x1000000

had to bring work up to yorkshire, but i was done with that on sunday night so monday/tuesday was spent just loafing around. unwisely decided to take a walk in the hough nearby in my new suede boots.. why do i never think before running out??? thank god for tissue and dry winters

chilling on my grandfather's road y'all

i've a class in approximately two hours and i really can't be arsed to get dressed and leave home for it. but skipping this one really isn't an option considering i missed the previous one because of reed smith + it only takes place once a fortnight. need something to replace my lazy lazy bonez

OKAY enough slobbing around going to do some reading and hopefully achieve something other than an encyclopaediac knowledge of bollywood movies. and cat breeds. man, if i really do end up working here i'm so getting a cat.. more specifically a MAINE COON :D :D :D :D :D
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