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let's spend some money

10/24/10 12:25 am - onethousandtwohundredseventyseven: spam from rotterdam!!!

just landed in landan town and we've been having lots of ridiculous fun :D in pichurz, by both jan and i

basically we were eating

and eating

and eating

SEA OF CURRY!!!!!!!!!! death by spicy drowning

oh. my. god.

i don't know how children don't get nightmares

o wut a nasty gal

bitchyass face

innocent awe and wonderment~

conspicuously matchy blue house


this is just further proof that nothing on this earth can separate april babies <3

10/19/10 08:41 pm - onethousandtwohundredseventysix: what i want, you've got.


hello (: these two weeks have been more than a little cray cray but at least i've something to show for it!! between freaking out about external moot tryouts (price e monroe international media law moot, here goes nothing) and scurrying from class to class, i've been handling litsoc stuff as well. had a talk with the fashion soc president and whipped up a rough draft of my new lse distraction, Qualified (http://the-qualified.blogspot.com). here's some of the pictures

tala, simple and beautiful in blue today

spotted this girl, lucy, rolling a cigarette by the library. if i could i'd steal her jumper right off her back

righto off to finish up my beaver article and maybe squeeze in some work if i've extra time. met up with edwin jenhan gerald for a fair bit of time for the econ m&a challenge and then had dinner with nee.. for some raeson nothing else in my day stands out. same old irritating people/person in classes, yadda yadda. oh dear. i desperately need to catch up on sleep tonight but there's just so much to do!!!! akdfskgsiodghhaofh smash smash keyboard smash

10/5/10 11:26 pm - onethousandtwohundredseventyfive: my name is satan!

revisiting some good old stephen lynch goodness. that and also the AXIS OF AWESOME!!!

so the past week's been a blur of pampering and essentially Living Like A Sloane: nina aleezeh vivien and i essentially did nothing but had beautiful food and beautiful tea and beautiful coffee and beautiful cakes and went shopping in beautiful places for beautiful clothes and beautiful make-up and beautiful tea leaves and other beautiful things. best purchase so far: legendary loafers from blue velvet on kings road. they look so right with an old pair of men's pants i stole from my fuddy. can anyone spell y-a-y-e-r-z???

other than that there's also the entire activities craze. joined fewer and different societies this year. feels slightly odd to be typing this but i'm the president of literature society. i expected to be quite ooooo~ but i'm feeling more like hmm. i actually don't know what to feel about that besides the slightest bit of panic and sadness, because i'll miss the old comm. took up a gym membership with la fitness at the waldorf hilton, so far i've been running every other day with jaime/aleezeh/both. didn't finish my usual 5 km today though, so i'm heading back in tomorrow with aleezeh and ahmed to grind it all away.

on a side note: jaime and i witnessed the fearsome spin class today. it was utterly horrifying and i hope to god i will never be foolish/bored enough to try it, because that looked like 45 minutes of pure torture and agony that you just couldn't end, because giving up would result in abject humiliation D': such peer pressurising monstrosity.

travel plans are shaping up nicely, what with jan coming over to stay (!!!! :D :D) and berlin in november and hopefully, should the stars be kind enough to align, two weeks of travelling before/through christmas with leon. in the meantime i have work to deal with and everything seems ridiculously interesting, considering my usual flippancy/marginal genuine work-joy. will be setting aside time to read tomorrow so this year i won't bumble my way through the weeks as i did last year. or for every year of my life, for that matter.

righto time for gossip girl, then sleep. thank goodness for friends, family and food, 'cause like, guyssssssss, like, my days are soooo cray cray~

9/25/10 02:53 am - onethousandtwohundredseventyfour: you will hate that i never gave more to you-

in approximately twenty four hours i will be somewhere in the sky, hopefully snoring and blissfully ignorant of the fact that i'll be away from home for the longest stretch so far. eight months sounds quite pathetic/just shy of a full pregnancy (hoho!!) but to Captain Wuss here it seems like forever. then again, cannot wait to see everyone again. SEE OH MY GOD i am a walking mad crock of contradictions i don't even know how to feel consistently anymore -.-

aaaanyway i've finished packing and everything's just sitting in a pile in the living room. nothing more to say about leaving.

my mummy's watching old cantonese drama serials now and i'm duly horrified by how unsexy and uncouth tony leung was in his youth. thank god i was born in the 90s.

9/23/10 08:38 am - onethousandtwohundredseventythree: neon.

so i'm done showering after a day and a night out. day was tea with mildred and lydia accompanied by finger sandwiches and macaroons. ran into yijun and mark at twg, said hi briefly. walked around looking at things i can't afford, but given my current state of mind i think that's the least of my concerns.

night was dinner with leon then endless walking around/sitting/talking and like we always do. bought books, arabian nights and love letters of great men and women because i like reading about love like a voyeur. separated at 6.33 and i took a bus back on the spur of the moment. felt much less afraid and ready to go after the night's talk, but then i got home, watched my mother get ready for work and my inner peace and composure just went to pieces. in summary, i feel like a horrible ingrate and i don't know how i'm going to get by without the people i love physically close by just so i can make it up to them by being there for them, or any other way i can. the worst part is that after i land in london and life gets busy, i'll successfully fool myself into thinking that i can get by in these less-than-ideal (read: family-less) circumstances because i do want to live overseas for a while. i don't know about permanently, but definitely a while. what kind of person does this make me?

never thought i'd ever say this but: why am i so weak when it comes to leaving?

9/16/10 03:21 am - onethousandtwohundredseventytwo: right na na na-

back from spastic karaoke session with edwin jenhan balls lydia, won't even say where 'cause the location was dodgy to the max. we sang all sorts of ridiculous songs and possibly ruined a couple of them for life, but i guess to celebrate edwin's and jenhan's last day at work it was (i say with Loyal Friend-ly Conviction) worth it.

the past few days have been slightly frenetic. went back to ac on tuesday and practically spent the entire day just talking to juniors and teachers. that wasn't the original plan, but i don't think it's actually humanly possible to walk from the general office, through the canteen and across the void deck without being way-laid and distracted by conversation with at least four different people/groups. today was lunch with sarah and jayne, then a chat with qian afterwards before running into my twinkiebaba at the bookshop and ending up spending the entire afternoon just talking and catching up with old friends. i think i deserve, at the very least, a phd in Doing Nothing.

feeling slightly strange at this juncture because i'm so close to moving back to london and feeling pretty excited to be on my own/with friends again, but i can't bear to leave home. this probably isn't too uncommon a sensation, but seeing as how i'm not used to just upping and leaving yet despite having done it before i think i should name my autobiography 'chu: wuss in boots' or something to that effect.

idea: i want to run away. live in a tuscan farm maybe, where there's no shame because no one can find you

arrgggghhhhh hills and peace

but really who am i kidding, as if i'd ever do that. SIGHHHHH dreams dreams my future had better not be mediocre, or i swear i will rip the universe a new asshole or something equally painful/expressive of my rage.

9/7/10 10:37 pm - onethousandtwohundredseventyone: don't think i'll confess-

slightly under the weather yesterday/today so i mooched around the house just chilling and sleeping and looking at pictures from hong kong. can't be arsed to lj-cut this so my flist will just have to suffer. oops, i say unapologetically

the initial food embarrassment. but we got over that pretty quick

sexiest ice cream in the world: espresso with burnt caramel, honey and gingerbread

dangerous.. but i escaped unscathed

castor and juli

ancient tiberius

deceptively calm/smiley even though we were secretly panicking about the glass floor


i ooze glamour from every pore

the driver's actually drunker than you think

basalt rock formations! only ever seen in ireland and hong kong

ning's @ the peninsula

perfect with sambal

so in essence funtimez to the max. was pretty tired from all the staying up and rabid pokemon playing but totally worth it :D

ALRIGHT off to accomplish a number of other short term goals now before i get sleepy again. scamper scamper my fuddy duddy's gonna teach me stuff yayyyyy for living like a baby

8/28/10 01:26 am - onethousandtwohundredseventy: my eyesight's fading my hearing's dim-


celebrations are so in order. for some reason, now that i'm clear from the grips of compulsory working hours i feel a lot more willing to head down to the singapore legal forum even though it's at an ungodly 9.30 am tomorrow. meeting mingwei early in a typical young-people-cannot-show-up-alone fashion so i guess catching up with him (or at least what passes for 'catching up' since i saw him last week at the lse freshers' chalet) will be quite fun. never was there a more entertaining cream puff.

last day of work was.. well. anti-climatic wouldn't be quite right, because the trial was exciting and handing out gifts/talking to people before leaving was nice. eww there's that word again. but it was pleasant, and honestly i quite like the working environment so it's not like i hate every second in the office. then again this is an internship and i think as a rule, i instinctively reject the notion of 'work' so i might be getting all positive waaay too soon. -.-

my evening was nothing short of lazy and slightly insane thanks to leon. handginas + our spiritual elephant lovechild + hordes of ardent fans mobbing outside starbucks. way too many jokes for posterity in one night.

leaving for hong kong on monday, cannot wait to see my lovely lovely neenee and ahmed and vivien!!!! :D :D i'm such a child but honestly, what else is there to feel nowadays? by the way

such. amazing. skin. and slippers. and outfit. and bag. i should just kill myself or go for a sex change now, the shame is unbearable

8/18/10 09:12 pm - onethousandtwohundredsixtynine: look at the sky, it belonged to a guy-

dear universe,

please let me be happy. all this stress and sadness really isn't working out on top of the fact that i've just realised i don't have any actual dreams/goals. i want to be back on the game but without all these crap feelings. thanks.

whatever people call me nowadays

8/17/10 01:22 am - onethousandtwohundredsixtyeight: it's simply not true when i say-

maybe i'm being a baby about this but i hate people leaving and i hate leaving. can anyone spell clingy? i miss jan already )':

it's already 1 plus on a monday night and i really should be sleeping 'cause the week's barely begun. still totally uninspired on the clothes front even though i've tried my utmost best to comply to court regulations without sartorial compromise, which was quite rewarding but have come to the conclusion that i need to expand my regular work clothes wardrobe. i really like this top by the way

yeowch, something got totally kicked out of the frame. you can trace my growing embarrassment from left to right.. the joys of tell-all self-timer shots.

this isn't the smoothest thought transition, but for the past few months this has been bugging me every. single. day. question of the week/month/year: where am i going to spend the rest of my life? god knows what i'll be doing, but that's alright 'cause i know i'll enjoy it and find meaning in it and earn lots of money doing it but really. WHERE?????

i wish someone could just come right out and tell me so i won't have to puzzle over this anymore ): i really am just five years old.
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