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onethousandtwohundredeightyfive: jai guru deva ommmmmm-

koreans on the sartorialist

would commit murder for her gloves. though i could just head down to selfridges/liberty, that might be logistically simpler

yumz but he funnily reminds me of ken watanabe.

so nothing terribly exciting's been happening this new year aside from catching up with friends. internships? what are those? NOTHING~

at this point i'm just pretty much resigned and being all new-age-y about my state of employment this summer. if the universe decides to grant me the ridiculous unattainable privilege of a vacation scheme, then so be it!! if it doesn't, so be it!!! i will just sit here and do my schoolwork like a STUDENT ought to be doing and drink lots of ginger tea. man i love that shit now.

okay talk less read more (non-law related things) bye
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