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alright so it's kinda sad that i hardly post here now. six months ago, not posting in two weeks was already a travesty but now i'm reaching new heights of laziness and plain absent-mindedness.

..k the latter's a lie because i obsessively write everything down now. by "everything" i mean school or errand-related, because.. that's just how my life rolls nowadays, my friends.

anyway, brief summary:

1. clarice came over and we had lots of fun wiggling around london. spent quite a lot of $$, but then again i think i deserved to treat myself to pretty things after the blitzkrieg that was michaelmas 2010.
2. leon came over and we flew off to prague, vienna and budapest!!! met jan and qian and claire in vienna and had cake + hung out in their room for ages, just catching up and bullshitting around like we always do. fun times. leon's technically still here, just.. not because he's in bordeaux now. what a sweet pre-ns life that boy has.


creamy rosemary chicken on a bed of potatoes and spinach. hungarians know how to eat.

second oldest train in the world, budapest metro line 1

our really cute hostel!! you can tell which city's my favourite, oops


pogacsa aka salted cheese pastry aka THE BEST THING YOU WILL EVER EAT. comes in all shapes and sizes btw

freezing my ass off at the fisherman's bastion and trying not to look it

fisherman's bastion


feather print

famous composers


a cafe i must not only eat at, but own someday



appalled and deliciously horrified at eating RABBIT

ever unimpressed


would you believe this crap took ten years to paint?

school's starting next week and i sadly don't feel rested at all. ): been running around like a headless chicken since the end of term and basically not stopped moving since. went to the gym for the first time in over a fortnight today and mindlessly pounded 6 km away and walked for another, before realising that i'm such a ridiculous creature of habit that not doing something i hate for ten days ruins my groove. and those ten days were meant to be a holiday, mind.

alright just left this window alone for an hour or so to finish up the dla piper application, time to dance away on ahmed's wii hahahaha. i bought him a ridiculous dance on broadway game thing for christmas and it looks.. promising, to say the least. kind of wish leon was here. OH WELL
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